Hello! Just wanted to share my quick notes from the RSConf Mobile day’s most important sessions. These notes are chaotic and quite short, but they contain some valuable insight shared by the brilliant speakers.

Wake up, Neo

Talk was about common problems in software development.

Security is broken: more than 1 billion people are affected. And we don’t pay much attention.

Our apps are broken or incredibly complex or unusable.

Inclusivity is an ability of a group to include different people.

Diversity is when we already have different people in our group.

To build better apps, we need a diverse team to have insights from different sides of life.

  • Fight for quality
  • Break unacceptable patterns
  • Stay hungry, stay foolish


No one knows exactly how to write tests, but many people tried and failed.

Appium sucks.

Speaker mentioned Kakao and Kaspresso.

There is also a Barista that has a few useful @Rules

AndroidJUnitRunner isn’t configurable and breaks after first broken test.

AndroidX Orchestrator can continue running tests, but it requires Google Play Services.

There are also Spoon and Composer libs for instrumentation.

Spoon can generate beautiful HTML reports, but requires a bit of inconvenient configuration steps. Plus, it wasn’t updated for a long time, and Composer claims to replace it.

Marathon combines all the features of Spoon, Orchestrator and Composer, but it’s slightly hard to integrate.

To fix flaky test, we need to add a little wait before action. Code was provided in slides.

To rerun each test clearly from scratch, we can use adb pm clear. But it will increase run time of the tests.

All of this is handled in Kaspresso library by Kaspersky Labs, partly authored by the speaker. They talked about it a lot in the past, but it’s still wasn’t released.